Educating the less privilege children

Educating the less privilege children

Educating the less privilege children

This campaign was designed to encourage all well-meaning individual in Nigeria and beyond to give education to the less privileged in the society.  Educating the less privilege in Nigerian society like in the advance economies of the world is a right and not a privilege for them.

Refusing to offer education to those unfortunate ones whose only misfortune stems from poor parentage, the world definitely spells doom for the society. Educating the less privilege anywhere in the world would conform to one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.educating the girls

Educating the less privilege will give them the opportunity to learn not only to read and write but to expose them to the realities of the world in which they live, including advances made in the realm of science and technology so far.

Such an effort that is given the less privilege in Nigerian society education will ultimately make them become useful citizens who will, using education acquired, contribute meaningfully to the society, giving enabling environment. There are well-known hurdles to scale through in a bid to call the attention of the less privilege in the society.

As the widespread incidence of poverty pervades the land, most of the less privileged, have been forced by their parents or guardians to engage in petty trade like selling of sachet water, begging in some cases, selling vegetable and fruits, all in the bid to survive. And most of the income generated will go not to them, but their parents and guardians whom they are serving.


The fact is that these young people need reorientation. Yet this young people would have a date with destiny, for their good with the laudable initiative INAMA have developed, that the association intends to bear to fruition (for their benefit).african girls in school INAMA plans to continue to offer educational support to less privilege children, should the foundation receive financial support it needed. Our target is to give education to not less than 500 less privileged people in Nigeria yearly. Support us by donating to us. Your donation will make a difference.



The imperativeness of giving education to the less privilege in the society cannot be overemphasised. It is something desirable and can be actualised giving the right situation.

As a nonprofit organization supporting less privileged in Nigeria, It is important that HSDF solicit for philanthropic interventions in Nigeria, spirited individuals and international organizations, knowing that granting education to those less privileges will not only guarantee their future but also help to curb joblessness incidence and also help in reducing crime in the society. Put a smile to less privileged by giving them access to education. We are making efforts to bring all less privileged in the society by giving them hope for education.

Why our Association need your support?

Your financial or material support will surely go a long way to sponsor vulnerable children education in Nigeria. $1 will buy excise books for a child. $40 will buy complete textbook per child. $60 will pay school fees per child. No amount of money is too small to help the needy.

Make use of our payment gateway to donate to our organization. Our payment gateway is secure and reliable. Use below link to donate to charity. Your donation will make a difference

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